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African American

Email, Postal, Mobile, Digital Social Media Consumer Marketing File

Total Available: 2 Million Records Updated on September 1, 2021

American Student Marketing is the exclusive and sole manager of this proprietary user file. The file offers an expansive listing of high school, college bound high school, college, college graduates, grad school, students, parents, young professionals, workforce and households data.

You may use the file to search for students and parents by home and email address, academic and artistic interests, athletic interest and involvement, student organizations, honor societies and awards, ethnicities, gender, GPA/SAT/ACT, demographics, geographic information and much more. The file is available for outreach via postal direct, email mobile, text, digital social media campaigns and more.

Possible Marketing Opportunities

  • Automobiles
  • Accessories - Class Rings, Etc.
  • Career Consulting
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Computers and Computer Accessories
  • Credit Cards
  • Foods
  • Fitness Equipment/Gym Memberships
  • Gaming Systems/Video Games
  • Home Appliances
  • Job Opportunities and Job Search Services
  • Loans
  • Magazines
  • Music Subscription Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Scholarships
  • Smart Phones
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Student Credit Cards
  • Student Loans
  • Test-Prep Organizations
  • Textbooks
  • Trade and Career Education Institutions
  • Websites
  • Wireless Electronics - Bluetooth Speakers, Etc.

Base Fees

  • Email: $95/M
  • Postal: $95/M

Selects Available

  • ACT/SAT/GED Score: $10/M
  • Age/DOB: $10/M
  • Art/Music/Theater Abilities: $10/M
  • Athletic Abilities: $10/M
  • Class Rank: $10/M
  • College Intended/Attending/Attended: $10/M
  • Country/International: $10/M
  • Employer Information: $10/M
  • Enrollment Status: $10/M
  • Ethnicity: $10/M
  • Gender: $10/M
  • Grade Point Average: $10/M
  • Honor Society Membership: $10/M
  • Hotline: $10/M
  • Major/Intended Area of Study: $10/M
  • Marital Status: $10/M
  • Organization Member: $10/M
  • Parent of Student: $10/M
  • Recency: $10/M
  • School Year: $10/M
  • State/County: $10/M
  • Telephone Number: $50/M
  • ZIP Code/SCF: $10/M

Postal Delivery Fees

  • CD Delivery: $50/M
  • Email File Delivery: $50.00
  • FTP Delivery: $50.00

Email Delivery Fees

  • Email Deployment: $0/M


  • Minimum Order: 10,000 Records

Cancellation Policy

  • All postal orders are non-cancelable after delivery of the data file.
  • All email orders are non-cancelable once email tests have been deployed.

For more information regarding cancellation policy, please click here to view our Terms and Conditions.

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