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ASM Omnichannel helps determine the best strategy to ensure your campaigns are successful. Targeted digital marketing campaigns at allow clients to reach their desired audience, increase brand visibility and brand awareness and without many of the risks associated with affiliate marketing networks.

Exclusively representing the file, ASM Omnichannel offers cost-effective, targeted digital marketing solutions to help you reach your desired demographic. The file consists of college-bound high school students, college and graduate school students, and recent college graduates, ages 15-35, as well as parents and work force members. is also a member of TRUSTe, BBB Online and VeriSign Secure Site programs, and is among the most trusted free college scholarship search services available.

Reach the most resourceful minds in high education

Visited on average by over 15,000 highly motivated students and adults daily, has assisted millions in their search for scholarships and other financial aid and college information. The registered users of provide very rich demographic, geographic, and psychographic information containing specific interests and abilities and are subsequently matched to a database of college scholarships and other opportunities. The user base is an ideal audience for marketers targeting teen and young adult students as well as parents and college grads.

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View a Demo of Digital Marketing Campaign Placements

To view a demo of campaign placement options, please visit

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Please feel free to contact us for more information about digital marketing opportunities. We will be happy to discuss how digital marketing on can work for you, and help you customize an digital marketing strategy that meets your specific marketing and promotional needs.



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