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Find Your Target Demographic Everywhere

Social media presence in today's market is absolutely critical for basically any and every online business. Given the saturation of social media and the stickiness of content-based sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and myriad other sites that draw and keep your prospects' attention, it has become a critical factor in marketing, almost regardless of the service or product offered. All of the major social media sites can deliver excellent online presence and reputation for businesses of all kinds.

Don't worry if you’re not overly familiar or comfortable with the medium, we've got you covered and will work with you to help you understand not only the budget and scope of a given campaign, but how and why it functions, making adjustments as necessary to ensure the success of each endeavor. Social media can be or seem complex, for certain, but you will find it is a very important element in your diverse approach to reaching all of your desired audience.

Onboarding and Look-Alikes

ASM Omnichannel Onboarding

We use the targeted data in our database that you identify is a demographic match for your audience to reach millions of look-alikes anywhere and everywhere; anytime and every time. The sky used to be the limit. With Big Data and the Cloud, the potential is limitless. There are millions of prospects out there to be tapped and we help put them right at your fingertips.

ASM Omnichannel "Complete Match"

While we already have access to a robust profile in our 15 million record database, we further fill in the blanks as we track users across platforms, websites and online behavior and experience, matching the data we have and extending it above and beyond the limits of a single data repository. We use this data to form a comprehensive picture of your ideal consumer, using "look-alikes" to further our reach into the market. In addition to intelligently completing profiles to create more accurate match for your campaigns, we use the data we have to find more profiles on social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and Instagram. Ranking each, based on number of characteristics matched or similar, we are able to determine a minimum percentage match to ensure your extended data pool brings you the results you desire.

Top Social Media Sites ASM Omnichannel Works With


Facebook accounts run the gamut in almost every single demographic possible; age, gender, income, race, education level and so many more. Facebook profiles are also the most detailed and paint the most informative picture of each prospect. This means the most efficient outreach scenarios and best overall user experience as well as ROI for you and your clients. Facebook also allows product photos, videos and longer descriptions as well as testimonials. As of May, 2015, 93% of business marketers use Facebook as a means of brand promotion.


Twitter offers the ability for very succinct promotion (140 character limit) which will appear on followers' home timelines. There have been rumblings recently that the maximum character limit may be increased to 280 characters, which might be more desirable for some scenarios. Tweets will often utilize hashtags, which have become a popular method of categorization on social media and an additional tool for added exposure and, ultimately, ROI.


Instagram has become yet another great social media outlet for promoting your brand or a specific product with a number of different approaches and offerings. Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads and Stories Ads are all great ways to get your message and brand in front of desirable prospects. Instagram is an attractive option, particularly with regard to the younger end of the market, with their “quick-hit” style encouraging users to continually scroll and click, liking and swiping right and, of course finding opportunities such as the ones we will place before them on your behalf.



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