Privacy Policy

ASM has created this privacy statement to demonstrate its firm commitment to privacy.

ASM is committed to protecting online privacy ensuring the safety and proper use of personal information received from our marketing partners.

ASM strives to ensure the information it collects and maintains is as accurate as possible and that the information is appropriate for its intended use. The information collected is protected from unauthorized access or alteration.

ASM adheres to all industry laws and guidelines. We strive to build users' trust and confidence in the Internet by promoting the principles of disclosure and informed consent. We operate in accordance with accepted practices and agree to have our practices audited for compliance.

ASM communicates openly about the information it maintains and how it is used and seeks to inform consumers of their rights regarding the use of information.

Questions regarding the above statement should be directed to ASM

ASM stores databases for our clients. These databases contain email addresses and other demographic information. A client's database is never shared with any other client, and is considered an asset of our client. We do not sell or rent out a client's database. Confidentiality of the client list is a top priority.

ASM can track whether the email recipient supports HTML email in their email client, as well as whether an HTML email message has been opened or previewed. ASM cannot track the open rate on text-only email messages. This capability is used only to deliver the best content to the recipient. The recipient always has control to override the "HTML Capable" setting.

Information regarding the activity of email recipients is only reported to the client who deployed the email through ASM. Information about specific email recipients is only shared with the client who owns the databases on which the email recipients email address originally appeared.

ASM has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control.









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